Help with your booking

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Why can't I find any alternative bookings?
The location you have chosen is fully booked, there is no availability. In the case of package bookings, check that you have chosen the correct weekdays stated for the package tour.
You could also try the following: choose a different date, a different week, or different accommodation.

Search for vacant accommodation

What do I do to get from step 1 to step 2 in booking accommodation?
Choose the accommodation you wish to book, by clicking on “book”. You have still not booked/confirmed the accommodation. In booking a cottage, for example, or a youth hostel, you can also book bed linen, towels and cleaning before you confirm the booking.

What details do I fill in at stages 3?
Your personal details and payment information.

What is cancellation insurance?

What is cancellation insurance?
Cancellation insurance can only be taken out at the point of booking. Cancellation insurance applies to all persons named in the booking. Cancellation insurance applies only in connection with presentation of a doctor's certificate. If the customer chooses to make use of cancellation insurance, all the persons on the booking are cancelled. No partial refund can be given if other people choose to make use of the journey.

295 kronor per booking.

If you wish to take out this insurance, tick the box at stage 2.
See more about rules for cancellation and reimbursement under “Conditions of travel/payment”.


What happens if I put my order into the basket?
Your order is put into “the basket”, which means that the order is registered, but not confirmed. You have to go on to the checkout to complete the booking.
After having put your goods in the basket, a page appears where you see which products you have chosen to book.

Can I change anything, before I proceed to the basket? Yes, when you are at the basket, you can go in and take out products or add products. Click on the waste basket to take out products.

When I have made my booking, what do I do then?
Then, you click on “Continue” in the basket. A page then appears where you can complete your personal details and payment information.

When have I confirmed the booking?
After you fill in the customer information page and click "Confirm Booking", it's time to pay. Click "Approve Transaction" to make a credit card payment. A new page opens where you enter your credit card information. Your reservation is complete once the payment goes through.

Do you need help with your booking?

Contact us on +46 (0)771-22 33 00 or at A booking fee of SEK 150 will be charged.


Can I cancel after I have reached the basket?
Yes, you can cancel the entire booking if you click on “Terminate booking”.

Can I cancel my booking after I have confirmed the booking?
Yes, you can phone in your cancellation on 0771-223300 on weekdays (except holidays) from 8 am to 5 pm, or by e-mail: